Apr 25 2017

Arkansas Lethal Cocktail: Cruel and Unusual?

A quick medication review.  As a nurse, I cannot think of many things worse than paralyzing someone’s skeletal muscles while they lay conscious, aware, and helpless.  Vecuronium bromide consistently and efficiently paralyzes and subsequently make it impossible to breathe.  Before the administration of Vercuronium bromide, it is absolutely essential that unconsciousness has been induced (Prescriber’s …

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Apr 21 2017

The Male Nurse Series: The Male Nurse and the Lady Doctor

  The Male Nurse and the Lady Doctor When I started nursing school in 1984 in Atlanta, the idea of a male nurse was something of a revolutionary concept. In fact, in my nursing school, males were not even allowed to apply to the program.  Men could come into the nursing school building, but they …

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Apr 07 2017

Who cares?

Throughout history, nurses have been seen as compassionate caregivers.  Where doctors seek to cure, nurses seek to care.  With challenging nurse-patient ratios, higher acuity of care, and ever-increasing market-based expectations and demands of the nurse, it is hard to understand where care fits in the overall mission of healthcare institutes. Despite this, most of us are able …

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Jan 19 2017

Twitter accounts, #hashtags, and thank you!

Good morning everyone and thank you so much for allowing me to share my presentation, From “You’ve Got Mail” to #Hashtags: Faculty Relevancy in a 140-Character World Click the photo below to see all of the Twitter accounts that I currently follow.                   I am including an …

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Jan 04 2017

Ineffable Words

When I began my Ph.D. journey at Idaho State University, I made the decision to keep a word count to mark my progress through the three-year accelerated doctoral program. I would count each and every word I turned in for evaluation or assessment. I began the program on August 19, 2015 and I fully intend …

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Dec 31 2016

A few New Year’s Eve “Don’ts”

My annual New Year’s Eve DON’Ts from a 30 year plus veteran ER Nurse (yes, these are all related to “real” cases) • Don’t drink and drive. Just don’t. Bad idea. Don’t do it. • Don’t walk home from the bars in sub-freezing temperatures – that snow drift isn’t as warm as it looks. • …

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Dec 16 2016

The right direction…

As an ER nurse, I have heard patients tell me that they will not be able to fill their EpiPen prescriptions because of the soaring price.  “The cases are part of a broader generic drug pricing probe that is under way at the state and federal level, as well as in the U.S. Congress. In …

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Dec 15 2016

Where did you sleep last night?

The importance of patient narratives in the Emergency Department.  Page 3.   

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Dec 15 2016

Drug Dealer, MD

  Great article about the current opioid addiction.  How do we turn back time?  How do we learn to say “no”? Misunderstandings and Good Intentions Fueled Opioid Epidemic

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Aug 20 2016

A hospital of the future

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